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As an attorney who is active mainly in the unique legal field of class actions and derivatives, I have accumulated over the years rich experience and unique knowledge in analyzing the chances of success of the class action before submitting it to court. In a class action lawsuit (or derivative) in large financial volumes, it is very important that a lawyer have the skills, knowledge and expertise to understand the issue in depth - and to identify the damage caused to the public. The Israeli Supreme Court recognized that the lawyer is the expert in the promotion and successful management of the class action in favor of public interests. Of course, the chances of success of a class action are greater, the more evidence it provided based on, and the more accurate legal and economic arguments.

My motto is different from that of other lawyers. For me, "quality is superior to quantity". I prefer to carefully select the class actions and derivatives that are filed, only those that I believe are right, and that their chances of success in court are better. In many cases, after a thorough process of screening the ideas for class actions that I receive from clients, I will inform the client of my professional truth: if there is little chance of success in court, it is better not to submit it in advance than regret it in retrospect.

In the selected claims that have been submitted, I believe that public rights must be fought, every possible stone must be turned via thorough and professional work, to cooperate fully with the client and to promote the claim effectively for the public good. I choose to devote my time to a limited number of clients only in my unique areas of expertise. This approach leads to satisfied customers from the highest quality professional service, and a true personal attention to each customer!

The television program "Ulpan Shishi" broadcast a short segment of a lecture I gave in a course of directors liability at Tel Aviv University on Shaul Alovitch harmful takeover of Bezeq:

Ilan Verdnikov law firm

Specializes in class actions

Adv. Ilan Verdnikov main activities include representation of clients in significant class actions to compensate investors from the public. Such as claims against controlling shareholders, directors and executives who violated the Companies Law & Securities Law. Adv. Ilan Verdnikov is a senior lecturer at Meitav Dash capital markets college, where he teaches courses in Economics, finance, securities law and ethics

Another important legal field in which Adv. Verdnikov acts is the protection of consumers' rights against large corporations that violate the laws of the state, thereby creating additional profit for themselves at the expense of the general public

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