Lecturer in Economics, Finance, Securities Law & Professional Ethics at Meitav-Dash Capital Markets  

Over the past six years, I have happily taught thousands of satisfied students. Here you can view a few of the recommendations (in course feedback) of wonderful students I have been privileged to teach:

Ilan delivers the lectures in an interesting way, and gives many real life examples. Thus the lecturer Better illustrates the material being studied!

Securities Law course Haifa 2018

Ilan is a cannon lecturer - always  available, tolerant of questions and gives great explanations. it is important for him that students understand! Lecturers like him are an asset

Economics course Tel Aviv 2018

Ilan is charming, he passed the complex material in a lightly way.


Ilan is a great lecturer, he can make any complex subject easy to understand! The lecturer delivers the material in a good and organized manner!

Professional Ethics course Natanya 2014

A bit strange but lecturer Ilan made me love economics .... Now I stayed to pass the exam. Hope not to disappoint him. Thanks to Ilan for everything!


A perfect lecturer.

Haifa Economics course 2015

Amazing Ilan! I have no words - he knows how to find the middle between all students while making sure he has time to teach the material and leave time for practice and questions. He comes ready for lessons and gives hope to people who have trouble!

 Economics course Jerusalem 2016

 Fascinating lecturer

In order to coordinate a fascinating lecture on the Israeli capital market, class actions and taking a stand to protect the rights of the public. Just fill in the form - write in which lecture you are interested in and for whom, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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